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All About Password Managers

Welcome to the January issue of the RBS newsletter!

Read about why it's time for a password manager, Dashlane's new authentication system, and check out our Google page & leave a review.

Enjoy! ;-)


It's Time for a Password Manager

How often have you seen a Facebook post like this?

Or raised your hand emphatically when you read something like this, “It's a world of progress, and my only complaint is the proliferation of passwords and PIN numbers. I keep forgetting mine and have to click on "Forgot password?" and they give me a new one, A1O2q64bz, and I forget that. I feel like a blind man searching a dark room for a pair of black socks that aren't there.” (thank you to Deborah M. for this wonderful Garrison Keillor quote!)

If either of these feel familiar, we can help. It's time for you to install a password manager across your devices. A password manager like Dashlane or Apple's iCloud Keychain keeps all of your passwords organized, protected, and makes it easy to update your information. Want help setting up this convenient and efficient program? Schedule a free consultation with us to learn more or book an appointment with us by clicking the button below! 

Authentication What?

Are you already a Dashlane user? As you may have seen, Dashlane has added an "Authentication" requirement to authenticate a browser. You may find this added level of security to be confusing or annoying. We’d be happy to show you what the authentication requirement is and how to work with it. If you’re still not sold on the latest Dashlane requirement, we'd be happy to help you switch over to Apple's iCloud Keychain to avoid the extra layer of authentication. Questions about Dashlane or Apple's iCloud Keychain? 


If you'd like help making the switch, then book an appointment with us!

Happy With Your RBS Experience?

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