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We Are Still Here

When I began this venture in 2004, my focus was not only to streamline people's technology, but also to show that our tech lives can be easy, purposeful, and fun. During this period of uncertainty, I assure you that that focus remains steady.

In the coming weeks, we will send out newsletters that focus on daily cleaning techniques (trust us, your iPhone is really dirty!), as well as how to set up your home office so you can continue to stay productive. If you'd like one on one support, we can help remotely with anything from setting up a new computer, organizing your photos, or offering productivity techniques to help be more efficient at home. I have personally found that taking time to clean up my tech life brings me great peace, which in turn, allows me to focus on my more important projects.

We are all going through a strange time, and I'm sure you are eager to get back to how things used to be. Until then, we will be here to help create some normalcy in your day to day tech lives.

As always, wishing you health and safety,

-Ryan and the entire RBS team

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