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About Us

At our core, we are a group of technicians with the skillsets & trainings to accommodate any project. We want to show people that technology does not have to be difficult, and can even be easy and fun.


And... we love what we do.

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Founder (& Lead Technician) Ryan Bailer's passion for technology started when he was a young boy, and he had 12 watches. Haha. yep, 12! He had a calculator watch, a radio watch, a Swatch watch and everything in between. 


Fast forward to 2004, and the “company” actually started as a video editing service in 2004, when Ryan’s Advertising Executive roommate hired him to shoot and edit focus groups. After a year or so, he realized that the tech support was what he really loved, especially helping his friends, family and colleagues. As he sat at his desk, he asked, “I wonder if people would pay me for this?”, and Ryan Bailer Support (RBS) was born.

Today, RBS serves clients in all over the world. We not only help with basic home tech support, but we do full A/V installations of TVs, music systems, home lighting (ie Lutron), outdoor speakers, wiring, Wifi and just about anything else in the home. We have partnered with full A/V teams to make sure our clients are always getting expert care for whatever their needs. “Whole Home Tech Support” is just that, we help with your technology in your entire home.

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